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1.  An Emergency Medical Assistance Provider. 2.  SGNIHH is not a Life Insurance. 3.  SGNIHH is not a Health or Travel Insurance.


Assistance services

Consultation, Evaluation & Referral:

Calls to SGNIHH are evaluated by professionals and referred to require a specialist who further guides the card holder according to the situation.

Emergency transportation:

If adequate facilities are not available locally, SGNIHH may use on its discretion to use fully equipped mode of transportation along with personnel necessary to evacuate its card holder to the nearest facility capable in providing high standard of care and treatment.


SGNIHH will make necessary arrangements as required to its card holder upon being discharged from a Medical Centre/Hospital to reach home with/without medical escort as deemed necessary.

Prescription support:

SGNIHH will facilitate its card holder in event of non-availability of the medicines prescribed by the physician through required advice by competent pharmacies.


SGNIHH may receive and further transmit emergency messages on behalf of its card holder.

Return of corporeal Remain:

SGNIHH will render every necessary assistance in unlikely event of unfortunate death of a card holder. This will include assistance in transportation of remains along with necessary documentations bearing all the costs involved in such event.

Medical discussion:

SGNIHH will provide required phone based consultation through referrals to qualified counsellors for its card holders.

Discount We Provide:

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